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county sheriff's office. this marks the city's first murder case in the last 5 years. >>> we are going to be seeing cooler weather in the next several days. i'll tell you when. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> a hot and sunny day in mid-october. just as it was 23 years ago today. if you were here in 1989, you will never forget what happened. >> it just started shaking, and next thing i know, i heard boom! >> please leave the stadium in an orderly manner. >> it is now 5:15, tuesday, 17th of october, 1989. >> a san francisco neighborhood in flames. an oakland freeway in ruins. people dead. $6 billion of destruction . the earthquake damaged a portion of the bay bridge, forced the bridge to close for a month. and more than 2 decades later, the work still continues to make that roadway seismically safe. charles clifford has an update. >> reporter: w
to make their city the first in the nation to impose a tax on sugary drinks. bridge with a ill impo mise . >> noise and air pollution produced by h --the drive through is expected to serve 60 cars per hour during the lunch period. and 20 cars per hour in the evening. we will take a break it is for 38 atm much more ahead we will back in just a couple. >> we're back with some world new secretary hillary clinton may be attentive to douse some of the rhetoric over the libyan attack. the plan says the book stops with her. >> the obama administration has come under increasing criticism september 11th attack. the attack killed ambassador chris stevens and6hiy clinton says when it comes to protecting diplomats overseas she says the book stops with her. >> i am in charge 60,000 + people all over the world 275 post. the president and vice president certainly would not be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> joe biden added fuel to the fire during last week's vice-presidential debate when he said the white house was not aware of increased security at th
they will advance to their second world series. the first game of the series is wednesday with the first scheduled at 5:07 p.m.. in oakland a group of protesters gathered outside city hall to spread awareness about police brutality. 50 to 60 people gathered for a peaceful demonstration on an national day of protest against police brutality. after the process was over the group most march to the police department in jail. tonight was a last of the three presidential debates that took place and book baton florida. this is also the last day to register to vote for the upcoming november 6th second election. the teenager that ran over and killed a nine year-old concord girl and her father and injured shown here in his facebook photo. he chose not to speak or personally apologized to the victims' families. >> we did not show -- see any signs of remorse which street speaks strongly to the character of that young man. >> because he was tried as juvenile he will be released in three years when he turns 21. it is said t of the victim's family says he hopes that the young man will be rehabilitated. >> one da
say the victim died from a traumatic injury this is the city's first homicide in two years. police to conduct was random or if she was targeted. >> 7 cisco board of supervisors will decide this weekend if the mayor ross mirkarimi will be suspended --he is suspended without pay after he come pleaded guilty. he was found guilty of official misconduct. tomorrow be the first time since 1932 that the san francisco board of a visor's have voted on removing an elected official from his conduct. it happened yesterday in the 400 block of broadway around 2:00 in the morning a man was found to have been punched in the face and had hit his head on the pavement when he fell to the ground. he was taken to hospital with injuries. which are potentially life- threatening. the of the person a man in his 20s took off from the area so they have not found him and arrested him. >> a spokesperson for the border patrol says that an agent who was killed last week was killed by friendly fire. this happened at arizona border in mexico. he thought to of his colleagues for armed smugglers and opened fire on th
with a tight range of numbers. 65 for union city in castro valley. to the north bank of first place to get wet weather. 60 to four richmond 64 in santa rosa. los 6 is for daly city and upper 50s if you're heading to ocean beach. it is hollowing but again expect wet weather. you want to cover the costumes rain will be impacting the north bay around 6:00 p.m.. expect temperatures in the low 60s. south bay mostly cloudy conditions. for the peninsula and our bay shore as we will see a light rain first and heavier rain as we head into 10:00 p.m. tonight. a futurecast for shows just that. the yellow on your screen indicate a moderate to heavy rain. it will march south by about 10:00 p.m. impacting downtown san francisco, oakland, vallejo stretching up to fairfield. that will continue to be the case and to the overnight hours as a wake-up into thursday morning. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows quite whether into saturday and sunday. the start to the next work week low 80s. floats '70s were the cost. >> good morning it is 5:15 a.m. our top story is the big victory parade for the san fra
is always a crowd pleaser. the first day of practice is the first opportunity for the pilots to learn the landmarks around the city. navy photographers at the practice session stated that the pilots will review the session to make adjustments if needed. they want to make sure that this will be a perfect show on saturday and sunday. >> the blue angels had a special guest. earlier tonight we showed to just four on the record that i did not pass out or lose my lunch. let's rock and roll. >> i this was this was right after the flight. the pilot was a great and he talked me through everything. he was very grateful and he did not try to make me throw up. what were you trying to do catch your breath? >> they call that hit king because it is where you take a deep breaths and so that you can't keep the blood in your head from rushing down. i know it was exciting were you ever afraid? >> these pilots of the best in the world so i was not afraid. we did have parachutes. we were going about 600 mi. per hour. it was just an exceptional experience and one that i still have not came down from. i can
. and this is the second of the three city tour. with urban sports, skateboarding, p.m. next, the crowds were already beginning to get other. this call came down from santa rosa. >> pm --bmx it is our first time and we love that it is local and san francisco. >> this is a great place for extreme sports fans. >> we are great for the extreme action sports fortune and we are bringing these to the fans that can come and enjoy yet. to get on bikes, and get on skateboards, all for free and inshore -enjoy and they can all enjoy it. riding the trills of the trials wi the professionals. >> coming up later, the 49ers against seattle. a lot of defense with the highlights and the giants. they needed that one in the st. louis the entire store, later. ñgñg >>pam: this candidate from city council learns the dangers of oakland residents. he shares his story of a gunpoint robberies after an anti- crime meeting. pam a suspicious fire at a bay area home the are trying to figure out of the flames were used to cover up a murder. ahead. >> the latest story. the giants have to when tomorrow after losing tonight. game 5
, they are in arizona tonight, we will have the highlights later in this broadcast. >>> jean quan said today the city is experiencing a strong fiscal position in more than a decade. some members of the city counsel were not pleased with her for releasing that information. they felt it should have been reviewed first before it was made public. >>> also new tonight. over the past week agent confiscated 1200 counterfeit giants t-shirts. it was taken from vendors outside at&t park and they seized 100 hats. there have been no arrests but investigators are expecting more items to hit the street since the giants won the world series and in the lead up to the parade wednesday. >> dense fog settling into part of the bay area, i will tell you if it will effect your morning commute and the giants parade forecast coming up. >>> here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> get out of the streets. >> reporter: this is the san francisco police in riot gear at 22 and mission getting bombarded with glass battles from giants fans. >> you are subject to arrest. >> reporter: it is important we reweekend t
in downtown san francisco. 63 in redwood city. very important giants forecast first pitch at 5:07 p.m. on and off showers and temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. >> your kron 47 day of around the bay forecast of the show we are not done with the wet weather. too small systems rolling through till tuesday into wednesday as well. keep those umbrellas had handy. looks like we will be clearing things out by thursday. law by friday. a mix of sun and clouds temperatures i commute i don't know if there are any injuries associated with this accident. this certainly something to be aware of plans are to reopen at the san mateo bridge sometime this hour does not look like that has occurred just get this is something we will be monitoring throughout the morning. fisher approached the bay bridge toll plaz wet that drive time just 25 minutes out of novato into the city. >> thank you erica. let's talk a bay area baseball talk of the town is the san francisco giants forcing a very decisive game action 7 in the national league championship. they beat the cardinals 6-1. five runs early on by the
technician. with this aircraft, it is fun. >> these men and women are walking the streets of the city. some of them have seen family for the first time in years. >> he looks great. it is so great to see him it has been too long a time goes so fast. i am so excited that he is able to come visit. >> fleet week is always interesting but the blue angels but i did not realize that the marine going had a lot to do with this. on fleet week. for him to, on the ship oh my gosh! it was such a surprise. and i am so glad and so grateful. >> there were 2500 sailors and marines sailorsuss makin island. they are getting ready. for this complete list go to their website. democrat lotus >> -- grant lotus. heat is fresh off a flight of a lifetime. >> oh my gosh! i made it and i thought that these are the best pilots in the world. and honestly, the thrill of a lifetime. you go up and these planes and the will turn you upside-down. and i was not the only one. that is zoe. the one that saved 100 to the laws that did that emergency landing on the hudson river. he said that he felt like a kid today. he was a figh
and be york city on a city town vhall and candy crowell will moderate. she is the first woman to moderate in over two decades. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. still ahead, the space shuttle endeavor. but it was quite a journey to get there. we will explain, coming up. the mother is a dense fog adviser reethere is a dense fog advisory. with tillites going towards foster city. and checking out the visibility taking over to the traffic map the westbound 80 coqunizez bridge some issues but speeds over 50 m.p.h. and yes i have been checking with the c h p and interstate 280 looking decent. the dunbarton and is problem-free with no accidents. >> thank you. a new story with overnight shooting leaving one man dead. officers are still looking for that shooter. will tran is providing us with the latest. >> they are still looking for the clues and suspects the do not have a description. this was nearly three hours ago at bancroft /tilton. investigators are still here. w
. the city celebrates the giants on their way to detroit for game 3 of the world series. first pitch set for 5:07 p.m. just as the other to games. the giants say you know by now they are enjoying a 2-0 lead. pitcher madison baumgartner had seven strong innings, eight strikeouts and that the giants calling two runs in the seventh and eighth innings. the forecasters say there's a bit of uncertainty about the path of hurricane center. tandy had ignored and it has caused widespread damage in the caribbean. forecasting sandy could merge with another system that is coming from the great lakes area. once those combine their calling it a fr at 13,00114. the ad head many may be subject to the same supply constraints that held down sales of the iphone 5 when it came out. orders began at midnight within 20 minutes we were hearing that people were getting e-mail's saying if you want to get the white one it would be a bit of a opoin+ it will be availableto of our warmest spots could climb to the '80s. we do have a change is starting the next work week. it will be cooler we have dense fog expected alo
it will cost $3,000 a year. >> the city recorded 8 killings within 30 days. first of a man killed when a side wall. and then a few hours later a man was shot and killed at a birthday party. maybe gain related. police revealed nothing about the suspect that it was not too far from a gain area. we are experiencing a rise in gang members. the shooting occurred after midnight as he was a barbecue in his front yard. the police could not confirm that two men wearing bandannas approached the victim. a friend stopped by the house and told police that his friend was not affiliated with any game.gang. scores of rest and weapons seizures had occurred. we all know that this may be an indication that the gay members are free to commit their crimes. afraid to speak: camry this man agreed that retaliation may be the case. >> a puppy stolen by bubblers was returned to his family. at 10 year-old girl came home from school to 5 that her puppy nikko found his way home. as thousands ofdot believe that he is in my arms right now i thought this would be gone on forever. a good samara to found the dog and she will
. >> we will be back with more kron 4 morning news. first here is a live look at new york city. we're watching the hurricane sandy were is knocked out power for residents along the east coast. and a crane is collapsing from yesterday's storm. >> we are back talking about the latest with sandy. it lost status on monday but is still acting quite a punch. it left more than 7 million people without power. here's a look at some of the heavy rain coming down and ocean city maryland. it is expected to move into western europe tonight and move into canada t sheriff and beats down on us for a good long 24-36 hours. >> again they announced the cancellation of early voting in maryland. the mayor says he hopes to find a way to make up voting hours. >> we also have superstar on sandy and his of sex in new york's brooklyn battery. this is the tunnel with water and side. normally the visit tow rope connects manhattan. the holland tunnel as well early as today floodwaters. the mayor said it was an extraordinary amount more in lower manhattan. on at how why the system is compared to the states it i
of triple digit readings out there this afternoon. it was even 94 degrees in san francisco, 86 in daley city, and 96 -- daly city. >>> the body of another of the fishermen who went missing after his boat cap-sized early sunday morning has been found. it was last night that the first of the two was located. their boat was hit by a large wave near pigeon point on sunday after they left the marina near candlestick park. four men were on board. two were wearing life jackets. they managed to swim to shore. two others went middling. now the bodies of -- missing. now the missing men have been found. >>> the recent delays caused by american alz could be coming to -- airlines could be coming to an end. they could restart the talks between the airline and the pilots. they file forward bankruptcy last year. a judge then gave the airline the right to throw out the pilots' old contract. >>> it's going to be a busy weekend! the giants, parades, jets, and sets. >> later in this broadcast, the a's, last night's celebration in their rear-view mirror, they're trying to tie up the american league west with one
the potential to be laid the game. afternoon uh the current temps. 63 in redwood city and the game's first pitch at 5:07 p.m. expect temperatures in the upper 60s. pretty windy conditions and expected for the game, up with gusts possibly up to 20 mi. an hour. the seven they are around the bay expect off and on showers due to unsettled weather as we head into tuesday and wednesday. we are monitoring a huge winter storm warning that expires at 2:00 p.m. on tuesday. >> we're loohed bridge is open this morning with traffic starting to slow. mostly because of the weather with a 15 to 16 minute drive time westbound. the golden gate bridge ride has heavier traffic in the southbound direction with slowing from the south tower and headed towards the toll plaza. cal train delays in the northbound direction a train was traveling northbound have some great problems and started to slow the system. falling trains are about 20 minutes behind schedule. >> the man accused of hitting the mother and father will be sentenced today. he struck and killed solomon area in his nine year-old daughter. his 12 year-old dau
for downtown san francisco and upper 50s for daly city. >> here's a look at that all important baseball forecast the tigers against the giants. the first pitch is at 5 07 p.m. expect temperatures to the mid to upper 50s. the slight potential for wet weather expect some clouds and breezy conditions will continue through the night. on kron 4 taking it out to traffic in the meantime i want to give the average check. currently running at the approach of the bay bridge toll plaza so drive with extra caution. i have been seen the windshield wipers moving so again allow yourself a little bit of extra time. the san mateo bridge looks good no problems there. the golden gate bridge southbound traffic looks good out of marin county. update on a potential hot spot highway 12 is shut down in both directions due to a jack knight tractor-trailer. chp is on the scene and looks like you have to detour around in use american canyon as an alternate route. at for 30 8:00 a.m. we have to take a quick break with the kron for morning news will be right back. that is up 24% from this time last year. facebook s
by a superstore. sandy what already deaths reported. a super-storm. and first, a verdict is reached against a union city woman charged with killing a nursing student. details, reactions, coming up. >> prosecutors a 28 year-old esteban had a falling out with her former high school friend over a relationship with a man. it prompted her to attack. charles clifford has reactions to today's verdict >> at the alberta court house monday afternoon a jury found 28 year-old esteban murderer and the first degree for killing michelle lay in may 2011. the defense conceded that she killed but it was a crime of passion and not pre-meditated. they had hoped for and and a voluntary manslaughter instead of the first to agree charge. nancy o'malley saying that it was the evidence that led to a first-degree murder. . >> she had in tenshe had- premeditated, she had just got michelle lee and her sides and decided to kill her. >> the family of michelle lay was in the courtroom and they are relieved. >> i was glad that it brought some closure. we all knew it. we were just so worried that i do not care if it took j
. and the kansas city royals with cabrera he is currently in line to be the first crown winner. the tigers beat 6-3. reaching the playoffs in back-to- back since 1935. coming up on the kron 4 morning news we have headlines. and a live look at the toll plaza. pretty light. and clear. once again it is going to be hot. please pardon the delay >> four men were on board to were in lifejackets they made to shortest time that it was the other two that went missing the coast guard has suspended their search the family members say they will continue looking that's when they found the body of one of those men around 630 yesterday evening. >> still ahead watching wall street a wild ride yesterday we will have more on that and what to expect today as kron 4 news continues. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money s
city pretty chilly conditions into the afternoon a 58 degree 3 for those of you heading to that all important oakland a's game against the detroit tigers first pitch at 6, 30 7:00 p.m. a hot game in termsthe the upper seventies a round of bay and the upper 60s for the coast. george. >> the drive times are not quite so bad and the southbound direction. we are still looking at a 242 to 26 minute drive time normally at this time of the morning it would only be about 22-23 minutes. the accident was clear to the right-hand shoulder. it is taking time to g is the only slowing through marin at 101 south and even better news the drive times are not so adversely affected. the only incident we are tracking so far this morning here is a check of the bridges. westbound bay bridge metering lights now active incidents free but we are starting to see a backup nothing like yesterday's. things are moving pretty well for the westbound ride at the toll plaza. for a ride to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 at 11-12 minute drive problem free across the bridge. the golden gate bridge by looks good th
that the city means business and the crime must stop. or, serious actions will happen this is not the first time that this is been enacted by oakland in 2007 buy operation cease-fire. it did not work last time and do you think that it will work this time? >> yes. we've feel that we cannot have a response last time but we do this time >> and oakland, kron 4 news. >> the san bruno city council will decide weather to pass a cpu chairman he feels that he did not do enough to prevent the gas line explosion. and he took the stage today in san jose to show the ipad mini coming up, more details. >>pam: it is looking like winter already in the sierras. we will take you there. >>pam: police and some are h -- this attempted car o highest of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of computer chips. jeff bush explains what happened. >> a father and son had just picked up computer chips of $170,000 in san jose. the son drove the truck and the other followed in his car. the father noticed that two cars seemed to be falling. he thought it was strange but the rip--falling. near east grand ave. they thought that
, just know that you will end up going to jail. >> jail and prison time might not be all. the city attorney is warning that they could face civil charges. >> in the event that you damage property, city buses, buildings. we will go after you, civilly and to seek restitution. >> these are just the first nine people that they have charged. they are currently reviewing other cases and at the same time the san francisco police department is hunting down other suspects. they have yet to arrest. dan kerman, kron 4. >> buy if received about eight phone calls, and we know that it was you. that is how i found out. >> this is tony. this is the photo that he is talking about. >> i know that a lot of people on facebook there are 8000 replies that we are going to turn you and. >> if you're just joining us this is what is left of a $1 million muni bus it was set ablaze. however, this person who through the metal. kate has become the poster child. >> i was not in the area, i was in it san mateo. >> ha were you able to prove that you were in san mateo? >> i was able to prove witnesses that i was in
's. the giants play a game for this afternoon in cincinnati first pitch is that one: 07. in the oakland a's play at home today at 6: 37 tonight. >> a watch on wall street the dow jones industrial average up 110. . the dow city at 13,00438 op evangelist robert black joining us p >> would you think about t's the second-besth apple winner overall. apple have had a camera issue in the manufacturing issue. it's been a little lack of execution of of of selling into the profits. connaught freaked out about i've got caught--i was called an ice sheet by some viewers yesterday. >> it's been really frustrating as an apple user. >> which is good about apple they will eventually give ride they also have the ecosystem in place. microsoft announced they will try to be more like apple and future. the ecosystem is what is important for apple not necessarily the execution in the short term. are the square to be a great long term company. long term it will work out well. here one in any ipo the initial cost covering is letting the public into let everyone out of the company. the stock should find some value by nov
francisco at 72 degrees and 66 in daly city. those of you having to the giants came first pitch at 5:07 p.m. temperatures in the upper 60s. the kron 47 day around of a forecast warm conditions for wednesday and thursday. things will cool back down as we get closer to friday. >> george >> thank you erica. interstate 80 much improved dry times have peaked to nearly one hour from hercules to berkeley. they're now at 32 minutes that still about 10 minutes over what it should be but they are improving thankfully. on 880 south at westbound on 84 the dumbarton bridge and earlier morning long. the heaviest traffic at 22 minutes still coming from highway 24. >> the san mateo bridge while improved is still a little slower than little. 16 minutes now the drive time instead of the usual easy 11 minute drive. as for the golden gate bridge 101 southdown we are still waiting for the fault to clear. and i want to update you on conditions in san francisco there was a suspicious package found near uc at as med school that forced the closure from sixth out to him away. has or ofted a couple of mu welcome ba
of 62 degrees and upper 50s for daly city. the game 1 forecast the giants against the tigers' first pitch at 5 07 p.m. with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. it will be dry right around game time but it will be chilly at the ballpark. mild weather is on tap for this weekend. sunday is shaking up to be the warmest of the week. we will have the potential for some showers as we had until next tuesday. >> we have not seen any major incidents for a while this morning but we have a number of areas that have really slowed traffic. we will call those hot spots because it will take you longer than usual to get through them. the ride on interstate 680 and headed down to danville this morning is lower than usual. the dry time is about 26 to 28 minutes. heading into the san ramon valley. the nimitz freeway the dunbarton. that is lower than usual. this is a 41 minute drive on 1 01 northbound coming up from highway 85 to the montesquieu expressway. 85 out through the west valley is 38 minutes from the guadalupe parkway. that is a slow roller as well. 280 is heavy but not as bad as i have seen
was at city hall as the embattled chair. >> ross mirkarimi is smiling and waving to reporters as he goes back to is office for the first time in seven months. he says that he wants to put the past behind him. >> i want to look forward to looking forward with the mayor, the attorney, the district attorney. just as i was elected. even the we were not on the same team then perhaps in the eyes of some now. >> this is not what i believe to be qualities of someone holding the office of sheriff of the city of san francisco >> they needed nine votes to strip him but they only got seven. outside of the office the expressed his disbelief. his conduct was not perhaps admissible to addismiss them-- >> and also he is trying to work with these people that have been trying to dismiss them. because he was convicted of a misdemeanor will give him more understanding. >> if i had not gone through this humbling experience, the shame, the soul- searching. and it has inspired me to be a better man, father, and of course public servant. >> he will be meeting with the and from over the next week. and there will be t
battle to we have been here before. >> so 5:00 p.m. first pitch off highs or off on the bay fans. >> and mandel was running for the oakland city council was dropped while leaving in anti-crime meeting. he just left the meeting near his home in rock ridge as he got out of his car he turned and saw a man pointing a gun at him. >> personally i was thinking about is is i want to shoot me. i don't know what goes on in the mind of criminals or someone holding a gun. obviously he was pointing at me the whole time i felt that my life was in danger and i needed to do what he has. i was talking about neighborhood safety and crime prevention throughout this campaign and i feel even more strongly than i did before. >> with the first 10 scary experience he was not hurt. police are looking for the thief. >> a group of teams working to help stop violence became victims themselves the group appealed the streets from the human rights center was held at gunpoint and raw. the kids were shooting a video when it happened they lost everything. about $3,000 totaled and equipment. most importantly the h
it this far. for some, this game meant a lot though because it was the first word series game they attended. they say it was the worth cost since the giants won tonight. >> i'm just so happy! this is great! >> i think it brings everyone together. look how beautiful the city is with everyone together! and everyone is being friendly! >> ever since cabrera got put down, everybody thought we were in trouble. and they rebounded, and you got to give kudos to pence and scutaro. >> we're not coming back here. we're done. we're going to detroit, we're going to finish the job there. we're a great road team. >> reporter: the giants travel to detroit tomorrow where they will play game 3 and 4 in the series. >> all right! well, the fans are having a great time with this world series. we want to show you some of the hundreds of pictures fans are sending in to us to show their support for the orange and black. you see all these people dressing in giants colors. look at these children! panda hats are the favorite! and it seems all age groups and even a little pup there with a panda ha to post your pictur
their slower than usual about 32 minutes right now out of nevada into the city. take a look at conditions along the peninsula wraping up on some good news here a lot of green on the runway ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ today, we're forty-seventh tout of fifty inow. per-pupil funding. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach
and for pleasanton 93 expected in hayward and another day of the upper 80s for berkeley, oakland and 75 in daly city. for those of you heading to the a's came later tonight against the rangers first pitch after 705 temperatures will be sitting in the low 80s and as we head into the rest of the evening we to introduce wins coming in from the south at 7 mi. an hour. take a look at your extended forecast a very warm conditions on tap tomorrow. 93 degrees expected in livermore 87 over in fremont and as we going to have to new highs by 3:00 p.m. we climbed into almost triple digits for livermore and fairfield 87 expected in vallejo. wednesday we start to turn the corner known '90s whatsoever we will continue with that cooled down temperatures below average transitioning into the weekend. robin >> will your ride into san francisco still slow by way of the bay bridge no relief for you get as you get into the city. we have a couple of trouble spots earlier accident near the toll plaza on the san francisco side not to four from the fremont street exit. your backed up on to the 880 into the bays on 280 westbo
look outside from roof cam. we have clouds out there. it is 58 in the city, 60 by noon warming to about 63 by your high this afternoon. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back. it's 6:45, top stories we are following, first presidential debate is history. it was a contentious but cordial fight between president obama and republican mitt romney as they traded jobs over several domestic issues. a poll shows 67% of americans believe romney won the first debate. join your conversation on facebook and weigh in with what you think. >>> after rallying from 5-1 deficit to beat texas 12-5, a's are alone in first in american league west for the first time all season coming back from five games down with fewer than ten games to play and have amazed everyone. fleet week is picking up with lots going on today and all weekend. blue angels are practicing this afternoon over the bay. >> watching wall street with dow joins average of 32 points. rob black, look at the amazing come back of the a's. all i can think about is hewlett packard. >> their stock was hammered. can she turn the company around? >> tha
made me question the red light cameras. you cannot argue the fact that in the first six months of 2010 oakland had only one collision with a red light cameras were located. when i read about how much revenue the city is making it had is scratching my head. so from our professional observations it is my opinion that the red light cameras are primarily for revenue. i figured out a way to make sure that the citizen cannot for the revenue for these red light cameras. are you ready for this. stop running red lights!. there i said it. it is a win-win scenario don't you agree. all i love my job! in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> the tool along fire at the pallid menu acttalent manufg factory. thus talk about the weather because we had some lightening this morning. >> good morning james we are still tracking some lightning strikes off shore around half moon bay area this is happening around the coast line south of san francisco. we're tracking wet weather around the bay area as we take to the satellite and radar. we do have some light spotty showers on a cult line supplements law righ
plaza there at city hall where jackie that kron has grown exponentially since we first part of visiting with you and the 4:00 a.m. hour. >> there are a few hundred here at 4:00 a.m.. now you can see it is like a few thousand growing by the minute. >> you can see the stage is set up here. you can see all the vips heating. you can see the barricades were the fans are set up. i talk to people earlier that are coming from as far as modesto to see the parade. last time we got 25,000 + crammed into the plaza of we expect to see much of the same today. there are some jumbo screens set up. the last five is built into you in a plaza with his way back there. it is passed the asian museum. we can expect some much the same thing. i talked to some fans who came in from morgan hill he talked about what it to come early. >> i am expected madness. we missed out a little bit too years ago we came later. this time or not kron to make the same mistake. >> we drove which took public transportation last time and end up being more clustered in we were anticipating. we said we would just drive this time. >> y
area you are looking at city hall. tonight mostly clear and some patchy clouds in the morning but otherwise mostly sunny. sunshine with another warm day how much we can expect. >> we have decision 2012 news but first it is worth noting that the giants have just had victory in game no. 3. two-zero = final score. sports director, gary radnich will have a full recap what highlights. and this huge victory! 3-nothing for the world series. they will go for the sweep tomorrow. politics. 1994 when the voters approved the three strikes law. it mandated repeat offenders more time behind bars but on election day this year there will have the opportunity to make changes. tonight, dan kerman has a look at proposition 36. right know if you been convicted of two serious or violent felonies this third conviction on any type of the land is means that you could spend 25-30 years to like. but this proposition could change that. if that third strike is serious or violent. if it is a non-violent felony is that means you will be twice the usual offense but not the 25 years-to--life. the current peo
events going on as this is setting up. this is the first time san francisco has played a host. it could force you to detour. a couple of streets are blocked off this is immediately in front of city hall as well as road streets. if you come through the area or are coming through this area over the next couple of days. perhaps used more side streets. at any possible traffic congestion. as you can imagine there is quite a few people packed. james, i can tell you that even if your coming down here for the next few hours. even if you are stuck in traffic. you could still see these bicyclists and stunt cyclists in the air. >> that is part of my commute and i've seen them setting that up heavy equipment being used and traffic has been a little bit sluggish for a while. >> exactly. they brought and a lot of equipment and it takes a lot of effort to put this and and it is specifically, that it took so long is that there is a san francisco supervisor criticizing this event. that it took and a corporate amount of time. causing traffic police. with traffic impacted -- because of the excess of time
couple of days. this trip to san francisco marks his third trip to the city by the bay. the presidt 600ioc >> mitt romney 12 by 8 points last month between then and now we have the presidential debate. 67 percent backers support him strongly. for the first time mitt romney draws as much strong support as does president obama. former president bill clinton will appear at a rally at uc davis. an independent panel review the state's political boundaries making some of the more competitive and bringing new attention and money to california. political parties across state meanwhile are targeting america's newest citizens. it's a small block of one that can be substantial enough to make a difference in presidential states. a study of census data is finds that 7.8s to and to digital 4.2. at 4: 38 will take a quick break. >> of the athletics and the giants are facing --there will try and knock off the detroit tigers. the athletics must win against detroit. game time is 6: 07. i heard a lot of the fans are trying to and signed petitions to get the coverage of the upper deck seats to the cannes f
at the cloud coverage. we will talk about that but first these current conditions. 60s, 70's for the most part the '50s and daly city and. and 68 degrees in redwood city. as we look for tomorrow some rcloud coverage with a 20 percent chance of showers in the south bay. temperatures will be in the state in the '60s and '70s and that showers will be courtesy of this system. it is mainly off the coast. as it grows towards southern california some cloud coverage and possibly some rainfall. by 8:00 p.m., we could see that even moving towards the golden gate. by 11:00 p.m. notice the same thing and also more cloud coverage through the south bay. this is by 7:00 p.m. and watched. agreed upon your screen indicating the possibility of showers. wednesday, the showers ofchances are dissipating. and with low 70's for the cell paper low 70's and los gatos. and 70's also for the inland valleys. bill 70's for >> we are expecting more sunshine and warmer temperatures especially for sunday. remember go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the preside
of current traffic i i did not say a lot of red light runners. you cannot argue that the first six months of 2010 that onl i can ga dime and revenue from these cameras. are you ready for this? >> stop running red lights. the city is no revenue and the roads are safe. this is a win when revenue. >> let's get to this hot spot valley have been dealing with all morning long. >> i hate traffic and i would be pulling my hair out right now. i am sure that a lot of people who were stuck on this bridge did the same. shall we are still backed up at the bay bridge. things are opening up a bed of this is of no interest and no relief for the people for are stuck on an error state 80. we had a motorcycle accident here and it should not take them tic to stay on 580 and take 580 out a different way. the ride on interstate 580 has improved and it is no longer back of beyond highway 13. this is a better bet for you but it is still slow through the macarthur mayes. things are improving and it is a 15 to 18 minute drive. it is still slow with its ban. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. the other hot s
67 for castro valley and hayward upper 60s and union city. another comfortable day in the north bay mostly sunny and blue skies 68 for and about daly city is coming in at 61 degrees. the game to the world series against the tigers' first pitch at 5 07 p.m. if you are lucky enough to be at at&t park tonight expect temperatures and low 60s there will be an increasing cloud cover with breezy conditions on tap. certainly bring all your giants gear and the jacket that had everything because it is gonna be a chilly one at the ballpark. the extended forecast shows warmer weather as we transition into the weekend. sunday is shaping up to the warmest of the week fall makes a comeback by is still pretty badly backed up. the san mateo bridge has traffic at a standstill now in the westbound direction. the drive times have gone up over 22 minutes. the bay bridge westbound, said the hear the rain has awarded our efforts to show you a picture of the backup. --twartehwarted this is some serve sensor anomaly in we have not seen any actions that would account for the backup. 280 is pretty heavy and s
of seventies to go around the south bay. sunnyvale 72. the same for redwood city. 73 afternoon highs of 70 degrees. >> if you are lucky to head to the giants victory parade at 11:00 a.m. first you could watch on kron 4 if you're heading to the market street area the civic center expected choose in the upper 50s low 60s and best of the mostly cloudy skies. dry conditions for the three parade changes to talk about for trick retreating on halloween. the rain will approach the north bay it could arrive as early as 9:00 a.m. that evening--9:00 p.m. that evening. the heaviest rain will fall overnight continuing intod i 3+w [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> we're back is 7:24 a.m. the super storm is doing a number
smoothly in both direction westbound 90 to know the lay out what foster city a live look at the golden gate bridge south about bound 101 could conditions out of the north bay. no instances with the nimitz freeway the first signs of slowing coming off a altamonte pass. northbound 101 and interstate 280 as live up the peninsula you will see we are incident free for the bayshore freeway as well as interstate 280. we are still good to go for public transit for bart a.c. or coal train. >> the city's plastic bag ban goes into effect today at all retail stores so if you do not have your own back stores are going to charge you 105 per bag.over the ban will extend to restaurants as well the businesses get to keep the proceeds. officials are hoping it will help san francisco which a cold of zero waste by 2020. >> as the convention has shut down exception of how which street as well companies are expected to have 50,000 people at the conference it began last night. there were two keynote speakers larry ellison and mark heard. the convention last through thursday. today is the season tent spare of the
but the first stage includes bringing together and known gang members. law-enforcement and federal agents along with community members and clergy. it has been very successful in other cities. in oakland, kron 4 >> in san francisco at at&t park is in good shape. one day for the world series you can see the grounds crew has been busy. in the last 24 hours they came in here when they took that karpov and also took out that wet dirt and put new dirt from that -- removing that old partarp .... >> thousands of people showing up for this job in livermore for regional positions at the. on outlets. 123 stores wanted to hire 2000 employees and 1000 seasonal workers. some people got second job fair day in job at the upscale paragon bloomingdale's, and neiman marcus are just some among exciting experience. >> retail stores wanted to hire 2000 permanent positions and 1000 seasonal applications. is amazing we are in the process of accepting resumes. >> it was a long line to get into this packed center. >> middle-class and we need luck. >> the people that got hired today will start november 8. justine walden,
like that we are going to see that tonight it will be very, very light. let me show you but first this live look hard at the ballpark you can see clouds are increasing. stormtracker 4 is shown some light clouds near at&t park. with even some near daly city and some offshore with the san mateo area. this is the type of shower activity that we will see, overnight. spotty, light. out there, mainly cloud coverage and chilly. it does not look like we are going to see anything heavy. the satellite and ritter most of his estate to the north. we will see the increase in cloud coverage. and some wheat board shower for the overnight hours. isolated showers and even some locations would be chilly. clearing skies with warmer temperatures. and this warming trend for the weekend. with your forecast even for game no. 2, coming up. >> justine is live at the dugout. >> this is the official shirt that everybody wants it says san francisco giants. and the other team on the bottom. people have been lining up for hours to get their hand on anything that said world series. i was here earlier to the dug
of space between cars for those of you coming out. that drive just 23 minutes out of nevada into the city. here on our traffic maps, the east shore freeway, no problems to alert you to there. we are keeping a close eye on highway 4, usually one of the first spots to slow down around the bay area, still seeing a lot of green on our roadway sensor, pretty much the same story coming over thement ma and passed out of tracy coming from 205 approaching downtown livermore this hour. in the south bay northbound is a -- at that 87 interchange and northbound 85 is a clear shot through mountain view. as for public transit you are good to go. no delays to speak of for ac transit bart or a string. >> it's going to be whatever we're talking about at work today when we get to work, school wherever you're going to be this will be on the lips of everybody. the as winning yesterday, taking the american league west championship title for the first time since '06 they needed to sweep the texas ringers and they did just that. oakland was down for a while 5- 1. they came roaring back in time to win it all 12-5
into the city this weekend. to take in all the events that are supposed to happen. it is going to be busy, to say the least. here is a list of events. first, there's people angels with fleet week. and san francisco's bay area. and there is the america's cup. with the race on the bait and the blue grass festival at the golden gate park. the race-on the water with the america's cup. and also, the castro street fair, and to top it off, the 49ers. and also baseball. there are great events. everybody is going to be out and about. please keep in mind that it is probably best for public transportation. ac transit, muni, bart. even a bicycle. not only will it be packed but parking is going to beat at a premium. they want to have people enjoy themselves but to not get caught in traffic. it is going to be great but it is going to be crowded. >> absolutely, event a geddon.. we were thinking about what we recall that. and let me give you some other suggestions. one of our producers says that it is going bee san francisoc and jam francisoc and fill up gasoline prices are jumping. if you've not noticed
tracking a lot of slow traffic around the bay area. our first half spot continues to be the south bay looking at the one-on-one north and it is jammed all the way almost to alameda city. it has been a rough one-on-one commute, to 80 would be a good alternate for you to that. to 80 and one-on-one this where cameras located in the currency that's where some of the slowest traffic is. this begins well before the interchange begins. continuing with a look a ride on 92 san mateo bridge action before that was close to the san ramon valley. 680 southdown is st ill heavy way into alamo slow and to danville out of san ramon on the northbound side of the freeway. marin is still way behind schedule here for the south one-on-one ride. this and the sale bridge would try times startlinfinally startg to drop a little bit. >> we are seeing the sunshine of those still contending with a mixture of midlevel clouds. hour montana clam is showing a chilly start to the morning. we have some improvement 52 degrees and senate rosa 50 and sent concord 53 in san jose. as we check out with pretty comfortable con
to prevent any other objects from coming down off the roof or injury to one. >> the protesters want the city to use vacant buildings to house the thousands of homeless people in the city. >> a court hearing is set for today in the case of the accused, rafeal will be shooter. this will be the first time that much of the evidence in this case has been made public lots of folks watching for that. prosecutor kil&eyzd by% frkew hs the first to--discoverer apples >>-test local surprised. >> would back with more than just a couple of minutes. >> amtracs says the high price of gasoline is what is our record numbers on their trains. carried more than 31.2 million passengers. am mtrack set new records in july. the had the san walking starlight which runs showing record ryder ship. >> 12 people have died and nearly 146 from that outbreak of meningitis. it is intended for states. the problem had been traced their roots for back pain. a tainted batch in a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts has been shut down a second has agreed to shut down to be investigated. the same executives operate this facility w
and during his tall boy budweiser on natural diseases first gusher not his last. now his drinking because tall boy. he's issued a ticket from an open container as it turns out he is from the city i recognize. now the police were called to the pastry market because this guy was been grazing. been grazing is when you sample the food and decide to camp out without actually paying for it. he was as the stock became belligerent. one final note aias one person why they were here. >> in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> right now this just into kron for an iconic statute big tax has burn down you can see this as the texas state fair in dallas. there are a couple of fire trucks but it already charred as to see this an iconic stature that a lot of people know and love. now it is just charred this morning as one of the breaking story that we're covering out of texas. we'll be back with more than a couple of minutes. welcome back is 8:56 a.m. setting look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. clouds in store for the next seven days. we have fought on the weekend we will see some spots of
for life. add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] at&t u-verse. it's tv like you've never seen before. ♪ >> several hot spots this morning will start off with the problem in san francisco with the closure on city streets and is also causing many delays. emergency crews are dealing with a for alarm fire along west portal avenue of the west portal tunnel shut down causing muni delays for those of you who travel through the area. >> off the cake the l and the in line all cancelled been providing a substitute service to take you to downtown san francisco. >> there's no word when the activity will be clear fire crews are still investigating so avoid west portal avenue if you are in san francisco today on city streets. because of the earlier of a turn accident of the deck of the bay bridge have a shot before 7:00 a.m. west a fremont street the accident is out of the with the approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza are jammed up. you also see slow traffic for your ride out of over in the west about 24 did it just a bit of a break there is more so traffic waiti
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